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2021 Stock Picks

January 4th, 2021 Posted by Stocks 0 thoughts on “2021 Stock Picks”

I’m not great at running a portfolio, but I have been known to pick a good stock or two in my time. The problem for me is I can never hold them properly and I over trade my portfolio. So, I seem to be able to help other people do well, but I don’t always see the full benefit myself! Obviously all my own fault, but I thought it would be interesting to pick some stocks at the beginning of the year and see how well this post ages…

Safe Bets

These are a few safe bets for 2021 – I’m confident these will post positive returns and outperform the S&P500

Nike – NKE – $140.16

Apple – AAPL – $131.17

Caterpillar – CAT – $183.71

A bit more risk

These should do well, but carry a bit more risk.

Pinterest – PINS – $67.45

Docusign – DOCU – $222.86

Newmont – NEM – $62.64

Super risk

Now for the super growth, super risky picks. Not for widows or orphans…

Canoo – GOEV – $12.74

Riot Blockchain – RIOT – $17.95

Virgin Galactic – SPCE – $23.63

Nine stocks that could all have a very different year, but only time will tell. 

Do your own research. I don’t provide investing advice.

Neil Smyth

January 2021

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